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Warning Labels

Feelings are boring, kissing is awesome!

Warning Labels: an alternate universe story
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This community is for the posting of an AU fic, taking place during season 2 of The Office (US), written by honey_wheeler, obsession_inc, kyrafic, and annakovsky. Each story will link with an episode or episodes, working in with established canon while hopefully providing an alternate reading of the text.

This fic is Jim/Pam, and is NC-17, or MA, so if you're under 18, skedaddle.

Only the authors can be members of the community, but if you'd like to see these posts on your flist, you can friend the community.

(1) Caution: Do Not Touch With Bare Skin ("Halloween," by honey_wheeler)
(2) Caution: Stand Back 50 Feet ("The Fight," by honey_wheeler)
(3) Caution: Do Not Leave Unattended ("The Client," by kyrafic)
(4) Caution: Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear ("Email Surveillance," by annakovsky)
(5) Caution: Reduce Speed During Unsafe Driving Conditions ("Christmas Party," by obsession_inc)
(6) Warning: Not To Be Used As A Lifesaving Device ("Booze Cruise," by kyrafic)
(7) Warning: Dangerous Undertow and Strong Currents ("The Secret" & "The Carpet," by annakovsky)
(8) Warning: May Cause Dizziness ("Boys and Girls" & "Valentine's Day," by honey_wheeler)
(9) Warning: Entanglement Hazard ("Dwight's Speech", "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", & "Michael's Birthday," by obsession_inc)
(10) Danger: Pavement Ends ("Drug Testing" & "Conflict Resolution," by kyrafic)
(11) Danger: High Voltage ("Casino Night" part 1, by honey_wheeler)
(12) Danger: Contents Under Pressure ("Casino Night" part 2, by honey_wheeler)

Total wordcount: 70,380.